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Shoe Fanatic. The First Every Buy, Sell, Trade Sneaker App. Shoe Fanatic makes buying, selling, and trading sneakers easy. We are the trusted source and one-stop shop for all things sneakers.
Before being made available for purchase, listings are examined for authenticity. Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee applies to all purchases. Buyers give sellers points for quick responses, high-quality goods, and quick shipping.
We can help you start a side business or become a full-fledged entrepreneur. Instantaneously, for no cost, list an item straight in the app. We have the lowest seller commission on the market at just 6% fees on all transactions.

Swap one, two, three, or more pairs of shoes at once. Users have the option of trading 1-1 pairs, 2-1 pairs, 3-2 pairs, or even 4 pair trade combinations.

In the event of a trade, both parties will send their goods to Shoe Fanatic for expert authentication review. Before a deal can be completed, all shoes are hand-verified and put through a rigorous verification process by our professionals.

You can lessen fashion waste through buying, selling, and trading on Shoe Fanatic and keeping sneakers in use. Join the group that is improving the streetwear industry.
Message and negotiate directly with trusted sellers on the platform. Make an offer and pay a responsible price for the sneakers.
Pay safely and securely with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit and debit cards.
It’s easy and free to subscribe.
Download the app and search Shoe Fanatic to start selling your sneakers and buy the latest sneakers for less.
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